Our College is located at 17kms from Mapusa town. It is far away from the hustle and bustle of city life, situated in the vicinity of verdant fields. Tranquillity and solitude are the striking features of the location. This ambience offers an ideal setting to nurture our students in terms of the heads, hands and hearts.

Infrastructure is the basic necessity for an institution to prosper and survive. Good infrastructure speaks about the working and potentialities of the institution. The infrastructure and facility available on GPCE campus are amongst the very best.

Administrative Office & Faculty rooms

Two large rooms admeasuring 780 Sq.Ft. each are specially designed for administrative staff and the teaching staff. The faculty rooms can be used to relax and to get refreshed during breaks.


Ganpat Parsekar College of Education has 8 large spacious class rooms admeasuring 490 Sq.Ft. each, that can accommodate over 50 students.


The library offers a variety of information sources from over 1000 textbooks and periodicals and access to international database through internet. Students can also access information from electronic sources including databases, full text journals, newspapers, abstracts and a host of global resources in the library.

Digital Lab / Computer Lab

GPCE has an exclusive digital/computer Lab where every student can work on an independent cutting edge PC equipped with all necessary software. The lab also offers numerous general-purpose software packages and tools.

Resource Centre

The Resource Centre operations and services are fully computerized and provide an online access to the core digital resources. The centre is also equipped with the latest projector and A/V electronic systems.

Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Sociology Lab

Our college houses all the three Physics, Chemistry and Biology lab with the latest equipments where students carry out their experiments in an innovative environment. The biology lab is fully equipped with all the required specimens, thus helping students to acquire necessary skill and confidence in an innovative environment. All the labs are well ventilated and they provide a clear and hygienic ambience to carry out experiments.

Multipurpose Hall

Our College is equipped with a large spacious multipurpose hall admeasuring 3379 Sq.Ft. The hall can be used for various cultural activities, college events and student activities.

Sports/Play Ground

Amongst the biggest USP's of the college is the availability of a large spectrum of sports facilities designed in adherence with the highest global specifications.

Common rooms & toilets

The College has independent common rooms and toilets for boys and girls.